Enjoy your free time

The environment provides you the ability to take advantage of the natural space around the house for various outdoor activities. Among these hiking trails that run through the different parts of its geography. These routes combine the natural beauty of the environment with different architectural manifestations of the area.


      The trail network that passes through the municipalities belonging our region of O Ribeiro county runs mostly along the Avia, Minho, Cerves, Arnoya and Arenteiro rivers, where we find unique landscapes formed by the canyons that these rivers have been excavated in the rocks with the past of time. The abundant vegetation, consisting of oaks, chestnuts, oaks and pine trees, hidden in many cases what were old vineyards. It is precisely the cultivation of the vine which constitutes much of the landscape and economy of this region of O Ribeiro. The architecture of the municipalities of the Ribeiro unites lots of manors, mansions, warehouses, bridges, churches, barns, stone crosses, ancient roads, that makes its route more attractive. In all paths there are information boards with location maps. We hope you enjoy this green and ancient land, but you can follow these simple and effective during your stay by nature:

- Choose your clothes properly.

- Follow the marked trails.

- Enjoy the welcome and friendliness of the local people, listen to their advice, they are the ones who will recommend you the best places to visit.

- The vegetation and Galician fauna will be maintained for the enjoyment of all to the extent that you allow.

- Do not bury or leave forgotten waste. Deposit it where it can be collected.

Only this way we will turn this privileged territory into a legacy to preserve.

Routes allow practice this activity in BBT.

In the accommodations we have all the information about the hiking trails that can be done in the county.



      Water activities offered by the City of Castrelo de Miño at the Boat Park of the same municipality as canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, rowing and catamaran trips by the Miño river.  

      For natural treats you can visit the pools of Mestas and the Tourón in town of Melon.

      If you want to relax, come to the baths of Prexigueiro and dive into the outdoor pools with mineralized waters. 


 Tourism and holiday attractions.

      One of the hallmarks of the Shire is its WINE ROUTE. As a land of good wine this region offers the possibility of taking a walk through the vineyards and wineries, knowing from the hand of harvesters how this wine is made with Designation of Origin Ribeiro. White wine accounts for over 85% of its production, recognized as one of the best whites in the world. Its hues cover different yellows, often with greenish reflections that speak of freshness. Ribeiro whites are very solid wines that we associate without thinking to seafood, being also perfect with soft cheese, cold meats and generally in dishes flavor with not very intense flavour.

Using his hallmark,Ribadavia hosts every year in early July Wine Fair.. The popular tasting of its wines held in the Alameda, is declared of National Tourist Interest.

      To enjoy our wines DO Ribeiro,we recommend you visit the winery Beatriz Hermida,located in Valongo - Cortegada, belonging to the Denomination of Origin Ribeiro. They work with local vineyards and produce wine naturally. So, this is the first wine from Ribeiro. Its maximum is the preservation of the environment around them.

     The eel party in Castrelo de Miño celebrates in style this fish that inhabits the waters of the river Miño, is also held in early August.

      The pepper party in the town of Arnoia is of gastronomic interest, where homage is paid to this crop in early August.

      The History party is held every year on the last weekend of August. With this celebration Ribadavia streets decks itself to travel through time to the Middle Ages. Parade, craft stalls, games such as archery, falconry and other activities that have made of this holiday declared of National Tourist Interest.

      In late August - early September also included the harvest festival, celebrated in the town of Leiro.

      Galician traditional festival where there are magostos, in which the roasted chestnut is often accompanied with wine and chorizo ​​is tasted.

      The Noite Meiga, revive the "dead " in Ribadavia, this festival celebrates the feast of All Saints and streets are full of undead , witches and beings from beyond. It is celebrated every year on November 1.

      MIT (International Theatre Festival)Ribadavia: At the end of July is celebrated in the capital of the region, Ribadavia, the MIT, where companies from around the world represent their best work. It is by seniority and tradition, the most important of Galicia. It was created in 1981 and opened by the prestigious company La Fura dels Bauls.